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    • Siemens PLM Solution Applied to the Design of Agriculture Facilities and Equipment 

      Goanță, Adrian Mihai (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos' din Galați, 2014)
      This paper presents a brief description of the SIEMENS PLM solution and its application to the design of machinery and equipment for agriculture. Also it is shown in detail the concept of Product Lifecycle Management ...
    • Study on the Relationship Between Stability and Energy Efficiency of Hydraulic Excavators 

      Hauk, Niculai (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos" din Galați, 2014)
      The cycle of operation of hydraulic excavators has a series of steps in which large masses are accelerated and then braked. The presence of additional masses on the excavators improves stability but reduces energy efficiency. ...
    • Technical-Economical Competitiveness of Food Industry 

      Ghelase, Daniela; Dașchievici, Luiza (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos" din Galați, 2014)
      In the literature, different definitions of competitiveness exist. The EU Commission (2003) uses as a definition of competitiveness: the ability of an economy to provide its population with high and rising standards of ...