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    • The Influence of the Sintering Atmospheres on the Wear Behaviour of the Copper Based Alloys 

      Gheorghe, Ștefan; Teișanu, Cristina; Merstallinger, Andreas; Ciupitu, Ion (UDJG, 2010)
      The Powder Metallurgy (PM) technique allows manufacturing the sintered selflubricating materials having a high wear resistance. It is well known that the small and medium sized bearings are processed by PM with better ...
    • The Reliability of the Rlac Bore-Hole Pumps 

      Drumeanu, Adrian Cătălin; Antonescu, Niculae Napoleon (UDJG, 2010)
      The paper aims to present a study concerning the determination of the borehole pumps operating reliability. The considered bore-hole pump for this study is RLAC 2 7/8 x 1¾ in x 32c type and it equips the oil-wells of ...
    • A Three-Dimensional Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Rolling Contacts 

      Benchea, Marcelin; Crețu, Spiridon (UDJG, 2010)
      An analysis model has been developed to model the nonlinear strain rate dependent deformation of rolling bearing steel stressed in the elastic-plastic domain. The model is designed in the frame of the incremental theory ...