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    • Experimental Equation of Deformation Behaviour of a Concrete Steel 

      Cănănău, Nicolae; Gurău, Gheorghe; Alexandru, Petrică; Corobete, Gheorghe (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos" din Galați, 2006)
      The plastic deformation behavior is defined by the function of the deformation strength according to the strain, strain rate and temperature as the factor of the deformation process. The behavior law establishes by the ...
    • Kinetic of Martensite Transformation in a Cu-13wt. %Al-4 wt.%Ni Shape Memory Alloy 

      Gurău, Gheorghe; Gurău, Carmela; Andronache, N. (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos" din Galați, 2006)
      In this paper we present some results was obtained on the Cu-13wt. %Al-4 wt. %Ni shape memory alloy. This alloy was elaborated by a classic melting method starting at pure metals. A DSC analysis was made for quenched ...