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    • Arhitectura of a computer based instructional system 

      Pecheanu, Emilia; Ştefănescu, Diana; Dumitru, Luminiţa; Istrate, Adrian ("Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati, 2000)
      The paper describes the architecture of a tutorial system that can be used at various engineering graduate and postgraduate courses. The tutorial is using Internetstyle WWW services to provide access to the teaching ...
    • Finding Exception for Association Rules Via SQL Queries 

      Dumitru, Luminiţa ("Dunarea de Jos" University Galati, 2000)
      Finding association rules is mainly based on generating larger and larger frequent set candidates, starting from frequent attributes in the database. The frequent sets can be organised as a part of a lattice of concepts ...
    • A Hybrid Aproach to Dynamic Course Generation on the WWW 

      Ştefănescu, Diana; Pecheanu, Emilia; Dumitru, Luminiţa ("Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati, 2000)
      In recent years, hypermedia has been grown in interest in advanced research on teaching and learning. Futhermore, the extension of hypermedia toward intelligent hypermedia comes more than obviously to meet specific ...