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    • The Dynamics Analysis of the Forced Steady-State for the Vertical Towers Chillers with Internal Axial Flow Fan 

      Drăgan, Nicușor; Debeleac, Carmen (Universitatea "dunărea de Jos" din Galați, 2003)
      This study presents some of the phases of the physical and mathematical models' elaboration of the vertical tower chillers with a single axial flow fan, which are used in social and civil buildings to prepare conditioning air ...
    • The Wear Influence on the Working Condition 

      Simionescu, Cristian-Silviu (Universitatea "Dunarea de jos' din Galaţi, 2003)
      During the operation, any machine, equipment, machine parts, or piece, is submitted to a wear. The evolution in time of the wear size, or, in other words, a real form for the characteristic of the wear depends on ...