Arthra Repository

ARTHRA Digital Repository is the institutional repository of „Dunarea de Jos“ University of Galati and makes the university scientific output freely available.

ARTHRA ensures preservation and management of documents and provides access to: articles of the academic community published in the annals of the university, doctoral theses and abstracts submitted in the university, conference and workshop papers, educational materials (tutorials, library guides), references, papers of library staff. The information retrieval in ARTHRA returns the results of the full content of all documents. The digital documents submitted in ARTHRA are also indexed in Google Scholar. For the time being, ARTHRA is included in OpenDOAR and Duraspace

Communities in DSpace

Recently Added

  • Bădicu, Georgiana Daniela; Andreiana, Violeta-Andreea (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos” din Galați, 2016)
    Tourism is a social phenomenon specific of man, known even since times out of mind, and it has recorded a rapid growth lately. At present, tourist products are designed to be able to meet every need and desire of all the ...
  • Ayvaz Güven, Emine Türkan (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos” din Galați, 2016)
    In this study, the relationship between economic growth and current deficit is analyzed for Turkish economy with the annual data covering the period 1990-2015. Two variables; one is gross domestic product and the other ...
  • Văduva, Maria (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos” din Galați, 2016)
    The consumer is that trader responsible for consumption act of some final goods or services who decided what must be produce and in what cantity, being the one who make the economic mechanism to move. Consumption is in ...
  • Văduva, Cecilia Elena (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos” din Galați, 2016)
    Living standards are an indicator mainly economic which can be defined as quantitative aspect of meeting the economic needs of an individual or a community and aims the way how the activity of material and nonmaterial ...

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