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  • Melting-Casting Plant Using Vibrating of Melts in Order to Obtain Composite with Tehnological Utility 

    Bașliu, Vasile; Constantin, Ionuț; Istrate, Gina Genoveva; Petrea, Ionel (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos" din Galați, 2010)
    This paper presents the obtaining of composites materials with technological utility through vibration technology. In order to obtain these composites, and plant was designed and manufactured. In order to show the ...
  • Modelling and Numerical Simulation of the Atmospheric Dispersion of Pollutants from an Integrated Iron and Steel Complex-Part I 

    Munteanu, Viorel (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos" din Galați, 2010)
    The Iron and Steel Complex processes handle, store and undertake important amounts of raw materials (iron ores, coals, etc.) energy, fuels, waste waters, slags and other different types of wastes. These activities have ...
  • Sources of Emissions in the Sintering and Blast Furnace Plant 

    Chiriac, Alexandru; Florea, Gheorghe; Saracin, Ioan; Panda, Olimpia (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos" din Galați, 2010)
    The main technological operations for producing the sinter used for preparing the hot metal in the furnace are: preparation and transport of raw materials used for producing the sinter (transport, storage, crushing, ...
  • Soil Pollution with Heavy Metals 

    Vlad, Maria; Movileanu, Gelu (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos" din Galați, 2010)
    In this paper was studied soil pollution with heavy metals (copper, chrome, manganese, lead, zinc, cadmium, nickel) caused by the municipal waste from landfill. The level of soil pollution depends on rain regime which ...
  • Performing System for Purifing Waste Water 

    Dragomir, Ștefan; Dragomir, Georgeta; Bordei, Marian (Universitatea "Dunărea de Jos" din Galați, 2010)
    Status of water pollution can be controlled and reduced. For this purpose it uses two types of processes, applied more or less consistently by the management and technical design. The first group of processes is characterized ...

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